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Introducing Electralog TM
Electralog is a hosted computer track & trace system : seamless and secure, customised to link to, and look like, your own website, but operated entirely independently.

Your customers (and their customers) can access detailed and updated information about the delivery status of their consignments, leaving your staff free to get on with your business.

 Visit the demonstration area where we show you just how easy it is to offer your customers full parcel tracking via your website. Compete on an equal footing with the large carriers by providing either POD or full tracking.

This site shows how ABC Parcels offer their customers full tracking and XYZ Logistics offer the POD service. To find out more about this demonstration click here.

See how ABC Parcels use Full Tracking to track a parcel to its destination. Visit the demo site to see how.


XYZ Logistics track final delivery with POD. Visit the demo site to see how easy it is to use POD Track.


The demonstration shows examples of two fictional sites, ABC Parcels, using the full tracking service, and XYZ Logistics using the POD service.

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